Mari in the Sky is an indigenous-owned, independent publishing house founded by artist Mariza Ryce Aparicio-Tovar. Mariza grew up around artists and makers who nurtured her creativity. Her family, who are Mexican (Wixárika and Chichimeca) and North American (Mohawk) lineages, raised her with practices of honoring the land and relationships with the natural world. Her art explores issues of mental health and self-awareness, advocating care for our planet and ourselves so that collectively we may experience our full potential.

Mariza is an Anchorage Museum Residency Fellow, a Rasmuson Foundation IAA Grant Recipient for a music/sound project, and her art has been featured by the Alaska Humanities Forum. She is based in Homer, Alaska.

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This colorful dream would not be what it is today without the incredible love and continued support of Patreon members as well as Kickstarter backers from around the world who raised over $186,000 during the 2020 and 2021 campaigns for The Gentle Tarot and The Gentle Tarot Full-size Guidebook.

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With your help, since this publishing house began in 2020, we have donated a total of $20,055!
In 2023 we donated $5,609, 18% instead of our 5-10% goal. 
$1000 to Honor the Earth - $500 to Opposition to MN Fossil Fuel Infrastructure (i.e., Enbridge Line 3) and $500 to Land Back, $792 to the National Indigenous Women's Resource Center, because of the record breaking number of Benefit Totes you purchased in 2023! 🎉 $750 to The Ocean Foundation, $708 to Amazon Frontlines, $600 to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, $600 to Each Step Home, $600 to One Tree Planted, Protect the Orca/Salmon project, $250 to Earth Justice, $309 to the Cook Inlet Keeper .

In 2022, we donated $5,658!

Even though our profit was less than in 2021, we increased our donation amount by $370. It is Mariza's goal to steadily increase donations annually. Our goals are met directly by your purchases.

$1200 was donated to Honor the Earth, $1000 to The Ocean Foundation, $1000 to planting 1000 trees for the Orca Project by One Tree Planted, $515 to the Cook Inletkeeper, $525 to Amazon Frontlines, $250 to EarthJustice, $400 to Border Kindness, $468 to The National Indigenous Women's Resource Center (NIWRC), and $300 to One Percent for the Planet

In 2021 we donated $5,288! 

$1000 was donated to Honor the Earth, $1000 to The Ocean Foundation, and $1000 to One Tree Planted.

$500 was donated the Cook Inletkeeper, an Alaskan community-based nonprofit that combines science, advocacy, and education for habitat protection and transitioning away from fossil fuels.

$500 was donated to Border Kindness, a nonprofit dedicated to providing asylum-seekers, migrants, refugees, and the displaced with comprehensive services, including assisting children who are separated from their families. 

$788 was donated to The National Indigenous Women's Resource Center (NIWRC), a result of social media fundraisers and sales of MMIWG2S totes, where 100% of proceeds go to the NIWRC. 

$500 was donated to EarthJustice

$400 worth of products were donated to the Museum of the Aleutians for their annual fundraising drive.

In 2020, we donated $3,500!

10% of deck set proceeds were distributed between The Ocean Foundation ($1000) and Honor the Earth ($500). $2000 was donated to One Tree Planted. All of this was made possible because of the Kickstarter backers who helped birth The Gentle Tarot. 

Thank you for joining us in giving back and supporting the above organizations!