The Gentle Tarot Linen Edition
Front of the Gentle Tarot Linen Edition box.
Backside of the Gentle Tarot Linen Edition box.
Sample of the additional cards included in the Gentle Tarot Linen Edition.
The Gentle Tarot Linen Edition
Two Linen Edition Gentle Tarot decks and two Second Edition reading cloths
Two Linen Edition Gentle Tarot decks
Linen Edition Gentle Tarot laid out on the Second Edition Reading Cloth
Close up of the Second Edition Reading cloth with the Linen Edition Gentle Tarot laid out on top.
The Gentle Tarot Linen Edition box, 3/4 view.
The Gentle Tarot Linen Edition

The Gentle Tarot Linen Edition

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Introducing the Gentle Tarot Linen Edition! Shipping now!


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Yes!!! Inspired by the common playing card deck, this edition is a modified size (70mm x 105mm) that makes riffle shuffling easy for all hand sizes. The linen finish will allow for the smoothest Gentle Tarot experience to date!

I recommend alternating shuffling art-face-down and art-face-up to maintain this new card stock. Please note that this cardstock is not at all comparable to the high quality/durability of the First Edition and Pocket Edition. It is meant to be easier on a budget and also an easier riffle shuffle for those with arthritic hands. 

There are a total of 89 cards. 81 tarot cards, including an extra Major Arcana card and two options to choose from for the Lovers card (non-human butterfly card or gender-neutral human card). The additional 8 cards are a colorful batch of Quick Reference Keys, sample spreads, Opening and Closing Intention, as well as a personal note and link to the PDF Guidebook. 

The aim of this deck is to create a version of the Gentle Tarot that is still high in quality, but easy on the pocket in terms of price. As I write the full-size guidebook I strongly feel that this deck wants to reach a broader spectrum of people, including those who come from a similar background as myself where money is not very disposable. Offering highly reduced domestic shipping and reduced international shipping is another way I hope to offer a more accessible experience.

The cards are printed using FSC Certified paper as an effort to limit the use of non-renewable paper sources. And as always, a portion of proceeds are donated to environmental conservation. 

Feel free to use the Gift Note available here if you are purchasing this deck for a loved one and want to let them know that a Linen Edition deck is on the way.