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Five colorful Gentle Tarot cards fanned out.

Since its inception in 2021, The Gentle Tarot has been welcomed by customers in 56 countries. Over 12,000 Decks and Guidebooks have been sold to individuals, counseling professionals, and community centers around the world. 

This self-published, indigenous-made, indie tarot deck is inspired by compassion for mental health and connection to our natural environment as a source of support and meaningful relation. The Gentle Tarot is "an empowering and inclusive tool for reflection, self care, growth, and community." - Customer Testimonial

5-10% of proceeds are donated to environmental advocacy and conservation. Since 2020 we have donated a total of $14,446. 

The Gentle Tarot guidebook, canvas pouch, and First Edition photographed in nature, lavender and rosemary in the background.


 Support for this work has continued to grow with customers from 55 countries and 51 retail partners in 14 countries around the world. (Map below has not been updated to include our newest partners in Brazil and Russia.) We would love for you to join us! 

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The Gentle Tarot has been a grassroots, indie-deck from the start and is dedicated to remaining this way. The artist, Mariza Ryce Aparicio-Tovar, who both illustrates and conceptualizes all products available here, has turned down multiple publishing offers and has fostered the current level of growth via highly successful Kickstarter campaigns and the outpouring of non-paid publicity from customers and retail partners who have been touched by this work.

It is our goal to match the level of access and exposure of a mass market published deck through building our retail partner base and remaining self-published and independent. 

We offer generous pricing for wholesale orders and release wholesale exclusive coupons twice a year. Use our contact form to sign up and place your order on our password protected wholesale website!

Pocket deck in nature with flowers and greenery.

Photographed above is The Gentle Tarot Pocket Edition, the only tarot tin with a slide open lid!


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 Kickstarter Campaigns

2020 - First Edition of The Gentle Tarot - $74,708

2021 - The Gentle Tarot Pocket Deck and Full-Size Guidebook -  $111,589