Mari in the Sky is the indigenous-owned, independent publishing house behind The Gentle Tarot, a hand-drawn tarot deck birthed from a 2020 Kickstarter inspired by compassion for mental health and connection to our natural environment as a source of support and meaningful relation. All Mari in the Sky creations explore self-awareness and advocate care for our planet and for ourselves. Gentle Tarot decks and guidebooks have been embraced by individuals, counseling professionals, and community centers in 56 countries and retail partners in 14 countries. Over 20,800 decks and books have been sold worldwide. Purchases and retail partnerships have allowed Mari's independent publishing house to donate $20,555 to date. For details, please see our About page



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 Kickstarter Campaigns 

2020 - First Edition of The Gentle Tarot - $74,708

2021 - The Gentle Tarot Pocket Deck and Full-Size Guidebook -  $111,589