Ink Pass - Tattoo request

Ink Pass - Tattoo request

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This is for those that wish to use my artwork for tattoos. 

I am honored that you want to adorn your body with my work! Or with art directly inspired by my work!

Thank you for equally honoring my craft, asking for permission, and contributing in this way. 

The Ink Pass is offered on a sliding scale and there are two rates for differing sizes of tattoos. The sliding scale ranges from Least, Mid, to Most (contribution). You will see the total of the item change when you choose between the "Styles" available.

Please feel free to respond to your order confirmation email with the piece you have in mind and I will send you a hi-resolution image to share with your tattoo artist.

I’m also open to slight customizations of existing art for your tattoo needs. (Such as removing a background or modifying an illustration so that it will work well in all black ink, etc.) Contributing at the upper end for this option is appreciated but not required.

I truly appreciate your honesty and your support. I look forward to seeing your ink! Please tag me if you share it on social media!! @mariinthesky or feel free to email me anytime!