KS Optional Shipping fee for early Pocket Deck

KS Optional Shipping fee for early Pocket Deck

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This is for Kickstarter backers only and this is OPTIONAL.

Please read this description carefully! And if you choose this option, please contact me within Kickstarter via private message after your purchase so that I can update your backer info.

If you are a Kickstarter backer who only backed a pocket deck, you do not need to use this additional shipping fee listing. Your item will ship as soon as pocket decks begin shipping.

For backers who backed more than one item, including the Pocket Deck, and who do not want to wait until June/July - this listing allows you to purchase the additional shipping cost required to ship your Pocket Deck separately.

Shipping is scheduled to begin the first week of April and they will be shipping from an overseas fulfillment center with an estimated delivery time of 8-15 business days, this can vary for each destination country.

FedEx Option also available (3-7 business days):

Some countries in Asia and South America require express/fully-tracked shipping for guaranteed delivery or are safest if shipped via FedEx. Please select this shipping option at check out and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

$38 is the lowest FedEx rate available (This is the rate for: US/Canada/Australia).

For FedEx, choose FedEx Global at Check Out for your "Shipping" option. The rate is $26, which is added to the listing price of $12 to equal $38 = the total to cover the final FedEx shipping cost.

If your destination has a higher FedEx rate than $38, I will contact you to cover the difference. Thank you so much for working through this with me!